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Hostel Gaden House - Buenos Aires - Argentina
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The banking system works perfectly, so don´t hesitate to travel with your ATM card. Several exchange houses and banks are located in downtown BA. You won´t have trouble exchanging your traveller checks either.
The most popular transport meaning in BA is the bus (colectivo). They run 24 hours a day. The subway (subte) is fast and very recomendable to get by around downtown and the main areas of BA. Regular trains run from Retiro station to the Delta, going through charming suburbs.
Buenos Aires is one of the most lively cities in SouthAmerica. Massive clubs share the nightscene with underground venues and rock gigs. The nightlife in BA combines wild ravers with soulfull music lovers, jazz venues mix with tango dances, electronic experimental shows with raw rock & roll gigs. A night in the city is a melting pot of styles, and expresses the plurality of tastes of the porteños.
Never miss Boca or River playing local. Try to follow both Copa Libertadores and the National League. Going to the stadium when the argentine National Team plays is an experience any traveller shouldn´t miss either! Beware of sold out tickets for big matches and avoid the long annoying rows, try to book in advance your tickets for the derbys and you will solve a major problem.
Do you need to buy some clothes? Buenos Aires has an amazing combination of good prices, quality and style. Walk Palermo Viejo, Plaza Serrano (even better during saturdays), Santa Fe Avenue, Cordoba Avenue or Florida street. If you like vintage clothes you can shop at Galeria Quinta Avenida or Bond Street.
Colón Opera Theatre, one of the most amazing pieces of architecture in the world, costs only 3 pesos on mondays. BA has a neverending variety of plays, mostly underground and experimental. La Plaza and many other theatres around Corrientes Avenue show the most rewarded plays from all over the world, turning this avenue in a sort of porteña Broadway.
Buenos Aires is full of museums of all kinds, and they are mostly for free of charge. MALBA holds one of the most complete colections of the main latin-american artists. The Bellas Artes Museum has classic paintings and sculptures, and the Modern Art Museum shows avant-garde pieces of art. Besides, there are plenty of small museums and art galleries that keep secrets of the art world ready to be discovered.
Films are usually shown in their original language with subtitles in spanish. If you go on mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays, you pay half the price. There are many independent movie festivals and experimental films. Lugones theatre shows clasic movies in perfect conditions at very convenient prices. MALBA museum has some very interesting movie festivals too.
Don´t miss a relaxed day at Tigre delta, a magical place to enjoy nature at its pure state and just one hour away from downtown BA. Take the public boat along the rivers and channels, enjoy a typical lunch at one of the islands` restaurants and then wander around the Fruits Market, near the station. The Ecological Reserve will also show you a sight of BA that you never seen before.
If you take a taxi always check that it belongs to a Radio taxi company. They have the name written on the rear doors and the roof. We recommend you that you check the fare of the trip in advance.
If you are lost or need any information, ask the young people, students, couples, older women, newsstand clerks or policemen. They will be glad to help you, and they might even explain you what you need with a huge smile.
If you have any tips you want to share with us, please write us telling all about it. Thanks.
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