The city of Buenos Aires is a city that has lots of wonders. This is a tourist destination that demands a once or many times visit in a lifetime. You have no idea of ​​what you will be missing out on if you do not spend time in this city.

Despite its plenty goodies, you will still need proper guidance if you are to find your way about and make the most of your time in this city. One thing a good guide will tell you, is to plan properly.

You have to get your planning right if you want to enjoy your stay in Buenos Aires. One aspect of your holiday that deserves thorough planning is your accommodation. If you don’t take this criterion into account, you will not enjoy your stay in Buenos Aires as it should be.

Accommodation in Buenos Aires

Like every major tourist attraction, Buenos Aires offers a wide range of accommodation. This city has almost every type of accommodation to suit everyone. This is one reason why this city is most people’s holiday choice.

Although most people usually think of hotels when it comes to accommodation, there is more to accommodation than that. Hostels are great alternatives to hotels and Garden House, BA, is a proof of that.

The Official Website:

This is the official website of Garden Homes Buenos Aires. The website was created for the purpose of creating online awareness about the hostel and its services.

We at Garden House BA understand the importance of having an online presence. This was why the website was established. Besides awareness, the website makes it easier to book for accommodation and the many other services that the hostel provided. It also makes it easier to cancel your bookings if the need for such arises.

Talking about our rooms and services, we shall be looking at the various rooms and services of this particular hostel

Garden House BA Rooms

This hostel is one of the best in the city and this is down to a number of reasons. One of such reasons is the quality of the rooms it offers. This particular hostel offers you more than just four walls and a roof. Indeed, the Garden House BA Rooms hostel provides you with the opportunity to live with others like a family and also have your own privacy. This is a shared house containing 25 private rooms. It is still up to you to determine your level of association.

There are private rooms and there are also shared rooms. This place is also perfect for a family holiday as it can accommodate the kids, your spouse and yourself without fuss. It provides you with a terrace where you can relax, sunbathe, enjoy a barbecue, meet new people or watch a movie. Enough of the place, let us talk about its services.

Garden House Services

I remember saying earlier that the idea behind the official website of Garden House BA is to showcase its services. It is also to enable easy booking and cancellation of its rooms and services.

What services can I possibly be talking about? Is a hostel not for sleeping and waking up? Is there anything besides that? Actually, Garden House BA offers more than that. Below are some services it provides.

Daily Meals

We serve coffee, tea, milk, toasts and fruits daily to our guests. We understand the importance of having breakfast, and we do our best to ensure that we feed our guests properly.

Common Kitchen

Despite our cooking efforts, we know that we may not be able to meet your specific needs. This is why we made a kitchen available for you.

The house has a common kitchen where occupants can go in and prepare meals if that is their choice. You can always purchase what you need and cook what you want.

Live Music

One great feature about this hostel is its location. It is located close to many attractions. Another great feature is the effort the hostel makes to help you enjoy the benefits.

Garden House BA can help you book live music shows and performance. This is an off-site (away from the house) feature and it comes at an affordable price.

Pub Crawl

Do you want to go on a pub adventure but do not know how to go about it? Relax and let Garden House guide you. It can help you plan a pub crawl, picking out pubs that you will enjoy.

Bike Tours

Bike tours are an important activity and are on the checklist of most tourists. Garden House understands this and that was one reason it created the website.

You could have been able to use the website to rent a bike and book a tour. You would also have been able to make many other personal choices as regards your bike tour. For example, choosing the place you would like to visit.

Walking Tours

This is for the lovers of history, knowledge and culture. Walking tours are a good way to go back in time and learn more about a people or a place. There is no better way to learn than by visiting the place where the event took place.

Garden House provides you with walking tours. This is an off-site activity and may demand a token. You should know that short tours may be less than an hour. Long tours are usually longer than an hour.


It is not called “Garden” house for no reason. This hostel has a garden. A beautiful one at that.

A good place to relax and unwind. A good place for the kids to play.

Free Wi-Fi

Some people are always working, even when they are on holiday. This hostel understands this and makes provisions for those people. As regarding this, it has free Wi-Fi that you can access and stay connected to the internet.


For those that love to read, the house has a library that is available to all occupants of the house. Feel free to visit and check out our collection of books.

BBQ Facilities

​​​​I remember saying that you can enjoy a barbecue on the terrace. I am sure you are probably wondering where the barbecue will come from. The house has the necessary facilities you need to make it by yourself. So go ahead and give yourself a treat.

The common kitchen and BBQ facilities are provided by the hostel. However, you will have to buy the items you need to cook or make your BBQ.

Going through the article, you will admit that the website was established to make it easier for Garden House to serve its customers and guests. Happy visiting!