garden house hostel foyer

In Argentina, the Garden House BA hostel features excellent facilities, no wonder it is fully booked for the EGR Awards. That award recognizes the best in the online gaming industry for betting, IT, infrastructure, and networks. Besides, the top Canadian online casino comparison sites have occupied the remaining rooms of the Hostel, and their employees have hired the roof garden for the after-party.

We welcome all our guests and assure you of their safety and the enjoyment of the best Hostel’s facilities in Argentina. At Garden House BA, we provide unmatched accommodation in the industry, a safe and tranquil environment, excellent location, tasty food, and chilled drinks, including professional female massage therapists. Also, our rooms can accommodate four persons and are equipped with comfortable big beds, clean toilet amenities, and 24-hour cleaning service to keep places in excellent shape.

This post will analyze the services you can enjoy at our Hostel during your stay for the EGR awards program, the preparations for the party after the awards, and the hospitality specially prepared for the Canadian online casinos’ employees.

Canadian Online Casino Teams Booked the Hostel Roof Garden for Post Awards Party

garden house roof garden

The Garden House BA is a sought-after Hostel that caters to all your accommodation needs, including hosting spectacular parties for our guests. The hard-working Canadian online casino comparison sites employees have booked the roof garden of the Hostel for a party after the EGR awards. We wish you all a successful outing at the awards.

Talking of the preparation for the party, welcome to hospitality redefined! We have employed a chef who is celebrated by Argentinians and foreign dignitaries alike. We assure you that the specially cooked Argentinian BBQ steaks by the chef will be delivered as ordered. Additionally, the best champagne, chilled beer, and soft drinks have been provided for the party.

As for the male and female dancers that you ordered, we hired the most talented professional dancers who are notable in Buenos Aires for their deft dancing skills. Everything is ready and waiting for you, our guests. So be warned, the show promises to be a world-class, memorable entertainment event that you will cherish forever. You will always want to lodge at the Garden House BA anytime you are in Argentina.

Garden House BA Promises to Give you the Best Hospitality

The way Canadian online casino comparison sites employees expertly analyze and compare Canadian Online casinos for online players worldwide, to bet with the needed information, is the same way we provide you the best service here in Garden House BA.

Expert Canadian comparison site’s analysts provide gamers with the vital facts about bonuses with the terms and conditions that apply. This allows them to know the multiple modern games available, payment processors, and the top Canadian casinos certified by the best license providers.

This comparison website’s information help players pick the best online gaming sites. That is the same way we provide equipped rooms for you. For customers who love privacy, we offer them the use of our private single and double rooms with private bathrooms.

At Garden House BA, we offer our lodgers unmatched comfort. We promise to give you the best hospitality that Argentina has to offer. We want you to perform at your peak, and that is why we have a professional lady massage therapist to provide those overworked muscles of the back and the body, much relief.