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When most people think of tourists or visiting accommodation, a hotel is the first thing that comes to mind. Truth is, there are many other good alternative forms of accommodation. They include motels, hostels, rented apartments, cabins and many more. Hostels in particular are more affordable than hotels. They also provide additional services at a cheaper rate compared to what you will get at a hotel. Introducing Garden House Buenos Aires.

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Garden House Buenos Aires

garden house hostel

Of the many hostels in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Garden House Hostels is highly rated. This is a hostel that combines the features of a house and a hotel into one. Garden House Hostel has private rooms for those who might prefer more privacy. It has also shared rooms for people who want to mingle with others. We also have deluxe rooms for family members.

When you pay for our rooms, you get to use all our facilities and have unlimited access to our gardens. You can relax there or read a book if you want to. We also provide our occupants with free Wi-Fi to ensure they stay connected to the internet.

For added peace of mind, our hostel is licensed by the Tourism Board of Buenos Aires.

Garden House BA Value Added Services

garden house bbq

Besides our rooms, we also offer other value added services. Garden House provides its guest with a kitchen where they can prepare the food of their choice. Although the hostel serves its customers with breakfast, tea and fruits, it understands that some individuals may want to prepare their own meal.

Besides the kitchen, the hostel also provides its customers with additional facilities such as our well-stocked library. You can come with your own book to read. The library also has a well-stocked collection of books to suit a wide variety of people. Furthermore, bike tours to our customers are available at an additional fee. They are a great way for people to explore places in the city of Buenos Aires. We also provide live band music by Thirstatine for our occupants at an arranged location.

Bikes are not the only means of touring the city of Buenos Aires. Garden House organizes walking tours at specific historic sites. This is also an additional service that incur extra payment.

Innovation for the Games Room

nostalgic slot addition in games room

This Garden House provides its occupants with a terrace and a BBQ stand. This is a good means for the occupants to unwind and get to know each other. Garden House Hostel has also announced that it will be getting the Nostalgic Slot Machines to be placed in the Games Room.

Our games room already has indoor games like chess, a snooker board and various board games. However, there were demands from the customers for a slot machine. After conducting a survey, most customers opted for a nostalgic slot machine. Arrangements are already being made for the acquisition of this slot machine. There are still certain issues that need to be settled. They have not yet decided if the slot machine game will simply be for fun or if players would get to win real money.

This is a very delicate decision as it will influence the perception of its customers about Garden House Hostel. Whatever the outcome, there will be a nostalgic slot machine in the game room of the garden house hostel.